Repeated US failures – North Korea

In How 11 US presidents failed to make peace with North Korea (Al Jazeera, June 9, 2018), Michael Pembroke, the author of Korea – Where the American Century Began (2018), looks at repeated US failures to end the Korean War and its conduct of the Cold War in violation of the Korean War Armistice.

Pyongyang’s willingness to denuclearise is already clear.

What is not clear, however, is whether the US is prepared to give North Korea the guarantee of its security which is its main demand. There is no doubt that Pyongyang can disable and dismantle its nuclear arsenal. It is only a question of process.

But it will not do so if the US insists on unilateral denuclearisation without any reciprocal commitment.

These include:

  • Derailing the 1954 Geneva Conference.
  • 1958 introduction of Honest John nuclear missiles to ROK.
  • Ignoring the 1974 letter from DPRK to the US Congress calling for peace treaty negotiations.
  • Derailing the 1994 Agreed Framework by George W. Bush.

Basically, DPRK has called for peace treaty negotiations with the US since 1974 which has been rejected by the successive US administrations.

Photo credit: From the linked article.